Why You Should Start Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar at Night

1. Sore Throat

Its antibacterial nature makes ACV a potent remedy for a sore throat. Combined with ginger and honey, you get the benefits of powerful anti-inflammatories. Cayenne pepper, on the other hand, contains capsaicin, an anti-inflammatory anesthetic.
Mix together all ingredients and drink in sips:

  • 1 tablespoon ACV
  • 2 tablespoons warm water
  • 1 tablespoon raw honey
  • ¼ teaspoons ground ginger
  • ¼ teaspoons cayenne pepper

2. Cancer

Vinegars of different varieties have shown anti-tumor activity in cancers throughout the body. While not fully understood, acetic acid retards cancer cell growth and proliferation, possibly thanks to its anti-inflammatory capacities.

3. Detox

What does it mean to detoxify?
Our bodies are engaged in a never-ending process to turn food into fuel and nourishment, and purge waste. Toxins absorbed through food, personal care products, and the environment make this task increasingly formidable.
Vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in ACV nourish the body while its acids support liver function and bind to toxins, easing their elimination. In addition, ACV loosens mucus and stimulates the lymphatic system to expel pathogens and speed healing.

4. Weight Management and Cholesterol

ACV’s acetic acid inhibits the storage of body fat and stimulates genes designed to regulate liver fats by acting on the metabolism of certain proteins. ACV, therefore, reduces body weight and body mass index.
In tandem, ACV’s effects on cholesterol are similar: acetic acid has been shown to reduce blood cholesterol and triacylglycerols (long chain fatty acids). ACV also stimulates bile production, which is key to the metabolization of fats.

5. Digestion

Because ACV is fermented, it is a natural probiotic. Probiotics are the critical healthy bacteria that live in our digestive systems. In turn, the maintenance of proper probiotic levels is very important towards overall health, as the gut influences every part of our bodies—including the chemistry of our brains.
An overabundance of unfriendly bacteria leads to imbalances and immune response. An inappropriate immune response that persists over time leads to inflammation, the genesis of most disease.
Plus, ACV is so effective in digestion support that studies show that it can reduce the symptoms of ulcerative colitis.
A daily dose of ACV supports digestion and immune system function. Simply mix 2 teaspoons of ACV to a cup of warm water and drink. Add raw honey to taste, if you like.

6. Hiccup Remedy

It’s theorized that the acetic acid in ACV stimulates the muscles of the throat, stopping the spasms of hiccups.
Mix a teaspoon of ACV with a little water and drink. For stubborn hiccups, hold your breath as long as you can, drink up, and exhale.
7. Heal BruisesA subcutaneous bruise (under the skin) is caused by trauma to tissues beneath, breaking capillaries and resulting in colorful designs.
ACV promotes circulation and helps bruises to heal with anti-inflammatories and antioxidants to nourish the damaged tissues.
To use, mix ½ teaspoon of salt with ½ cup apple cider vinegar and warm gently on the stove. Keep the temperature so that’s it’s warm but not hot. Apply as a compress to the affected area for as long as you can, up to several hours (think overnight). Apply the remedy as necessary until bruise disappears.
With all the ways apple cider vinegar can help us in our daily lives, it should be a staple in our refrigerators. Drinking apple cider vinegar is an easy habit to take up and can make a world of a difference, so don’t be afraid to try it!

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