Top 10 signs of aging that can be undone

#1. You notice dark spots and wrinkles

With aging, your skin loses elasticity and hydration. Excessive exposure to sunlight speeds up aging processes in your outer layer.

Protect skin when walk outdoors, using sunscreen and wide-brimmed hat. Moisturize your skin and wash it gently.

If you smoke, here is some bad news for you. Smoking damages skin cells and makes the skin thinner. So maybe it’s time to quit, isn’t it?

#2. You’re not so coordinated and strong as earlier

When levels of your reproductive hormone decrease (this usually occurs in menopause), your body may fail to absorb calcium as needed. In addition to this, we often don’t eat enough calcium-rich foods like dairy, sardines and broccoli. this makes bones brittle and prone to fractures.

Speak with your doctor about calcium supplements, if find it difficult to add more calcium-full products to your ration.

With age, we lose muscle mass and flexibility. Regular exercises like jogging, tennis and bearing weight can help keep your muscle strong and prevent bone loss during menopause.

#3. You suffer from constipation

Lack of physical activity, insufficient amount of dietary fiber and dehydration can contribute to constipation in older adults.

To avoid it, eat more fruits, veggies and whole grains, stay active and don’t hold bowel movements for a long time.

#4. You forget things

We all forget something from time to time. But if this occurs too often, or it becomes hard for you to remember names of close relatives, or you have difficulties orientating in familiar places, it’s time to act.

Focus on healthy diet, physical activity, mental stimulation (like crosswords) and social communication to enhance your mental performance and prevent dementia.

#5. You have difficulties hearing conversations, especially if there are many people speaking together

Age-related hearing impairment is usually a result of oxidative stress, problems with nerve cells and blood vessels. Chronic conditions like diabetes and cerebrovascular disease, as well as smoking and alcohol misuse, may aggravate loss of hear and make you feel worse during conversations. To avoid deterioration of hearing, it is worth immediately contacting the doctor at the initial stage of the problem.

#6. You can’t control your bladder

It’s not uncommon that pelvic floor muscles weaken in women, leading to urinary incontinence.

To prevent this trouble, perform Kegel exercises regularly, quit smoking and limit exposure to bladder irritants like alcohol, caffeine and carbonated drinks.

#7. Your waist has become larger

Drop of estrogen was found to have a close link with weight gain. Studies found that women in menopause are much more likely to accumulate extra fat on the waist.

Watching portion size, following low-calorie diet and being physically active are the best options, which can help maintain your optimal weight and prevent harmful consequences such as diabetes and heart disease.

#8. You’ve lost sex drive

Vaginal dryness is a common problem for older women that leads to pain during intercourses. The reason is probably about hormonal fluctuations.

Talk with your doctor about your sexual health and share the needs with your partner.

#9. Your smile is fading

Teeth enamel is outer layer that protects your smile from damage, when you drink hot coffee, eat nuts etc. With time, enamel wears and becomes yellowish.

What to do? Brush the teeth thoroughly twice a day, use dental floss to clean the space between your teeth and don’t forget to visit your dentist regularly.

#10. Your feet are sore

You’ve punished your feet for many years, wearing high-heeled, poorly-fitted shoes. As a result, bunions, cracked heels and painful scabs may become your big problem.

Take care of your feet, moisturizing them and choosing comfortable shoes. In severe cases, medical professional can do steroid injections or recommend surgery to get rid of bunions.

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