The biggest issue in every woman’s life is why man think about s*x all the time, even while they are sleeping! The proof for this is that they every morning they wake up with an ere*tion. However, according to studies, it has nothing to do with s*x. Experts have proven that the cause of the ere*tion is not the female s*x, but the man himself.

Morning ere*tion is a natural process which affects men of all. It is known as p*nile tumescence medicinally and can be caused by numerous factors:


Morning wood is also known as p*e-boner as it goes down after going to the bathroom. This morning wood phenomenon becomes less and less frequent around the time men are in the 60’s and 70’s.


The testosterone levels in men are at their highest in the morning, which means that morning wood makes them real men. As the day progresses, the levels begin to dip.

A dream filled with s*xual fantasies

The brain control

In the REM stage of our sleep, parts of the brain are in a sleep-like state, leaving our penis free to do what it wants.

He rubbed up against you, the pillow or the sheets accidentally.

he male genital organ gets aroused by touch, physical stimulation. Hence, if the body pressed against something or someone, it responded by making the male genital organ hard.

It means that he is healthy

A morning wood shows that your testosterone levels are fine and is an indication of good health.

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