6 early warning symptoms of anal cancer and its risk factors

Be aware that these symptoms may indicate anal neoplasm:

#1. Rectal bleeding – nearly 80% of patients with anal cancer have this symptom. If you’ve noticed red blood on the toilet paper or in the stool, it’s worth consulting with medical professional

#2. Lumps in the anal canal – new lump, developed anywhere on the body, is commonly a thing to be aware about. New mass, found in the anal area, may be caused not only by hemorrhoids, but also by cancer.

#3. Feeling incomplete evacuation – sometimes rectal lump grows large enough to block stool passage, causing constipation and sense of fullness even after having bowel movements.

#4. Anal itching – it may be extremely embarrassing, when you feel unbearable urge to scratch the bottom. But what if it’s a sign of cancer?

#5. Passing narrow stool – when cancerous mass obstructs anal canal, stool may go out in pencil-thin elements.

#6. Bloating – that’s right, abdominal bloating may be caused by numerous reasons. In anal cancer, rectal blockage and incomplete evacuation usually results in belly pain, cramping and fullness.

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